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Mr. Lazzara's 6th Grade Homeroom

Updated: 02/16/2017

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Welcome to the 6th grade homeroom page. My name is Mr. Michael Lazzara and I teach English Language Arts to students in grades 6-8.

The school's English Language Arts Curriculum is based on the Newark Archdiocesan ELA Curriculum which meets or exceeds the NJ Common Core Curriculum Standards. Middle school students all make an extensive study of vocabulary, using  the Sadlier Vocabulary text. In addition, grammar is an integral part of the curriculum as is writing. Essay writing is an important part of the Writing curriculum in order to prepare students for high school. 

In Literature, middle school uses a novel-based curriculum. Each grade reads at least three novels per year. Some of the novels read in class include To Kill A Mocking BirdAnd Then There Were None, and Night in the 8th grade. Seventh grade students read My Brother Sam Is DeadThe Outsiders, and Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night's Dream while sixth grade reads Number the StarsWonder, and Freak the Mighty.

These novels are used to teach critical reading skills such as: Drawing Conclusions, Predicting, Outlining and Summarizing, Reflecting on Differences, Questioning to Understand and Remember, Evaluating Arguments, and Comparing and Contrasting Related Readings. This year, we will be working with students to deepen and improve comprehension through a technique called Close Reading. This technique involves students examining important sections of selections to reach a precise understanding of the author's writing and focuses students' attention directly on the text and its details.

All students participate in one or more service projects each year, serving a diversity of causes. Seniors, impoverished children, supporting our missionaries, cancer charities, animal shelters, and many others. 

Taken altogether the total experience delivers on our school mission: To embrace, nurture, and educate all God's children preparing them for lives of service and leadership rooted in the Gospel values of faith, hope, and love.

"Reading is important no matter how you do it" Yogi Berra

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