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This Week's Spelling Words

Updated: 05/20/2017

Spelling words for the week of May 22nd

(words with -ed, -ing)

·      tried

·      trying

·      planned

·      planning

·      liked

·      liking

·      hiked

·      hiking

·      cried

·      crying

·      skipped

·      skipping


     Monday- 3x each (write each word three times in your spelling notebook)


     Tuesday- rainbow (use 3 colors to write each spelling word. First, choose one color and write your first spelling word. Then, take a second color and write the word again ON TOP OF the first color you used. Finally, take a third color and write the word again on top of the first and second colors you chose. When you finish the word should look like a colorful rainbow, with the three colors on top of each other, Repeat for all list words)


     Wednesday- sentences (write each word in a sentence in your spelling notebook)


     Thursday- ABC order, study


     Friday- test