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This Week's Spelling Words

Updated: 06/19/2017

Summer is here! Remember to practice your reading and writing as the hot summer days go by. Once school begins, this is where you'll find the spelling words we are learning each week - and the homework you'll be completing!

Happy summer!


     Monday- 3x each (write each word three times in your spelling notebook)


     Tuesday- rainbow (use 3 colors to write each spelling word. First, choose one color and write your first spelling word. Then, take a second color and write the word again ON TOP OF the first color you used. Finally, take a third color and write the word again on top of the first and second colors you chose. When you finish the word should look like a colorful rainbow, with the three colors on top of each other, Repeat for all list words)


     Wednesday- sentences (write each word in a sentence in your spelling notebook)


     Thursday- ABC order, study


     Friday- test