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Field Trip

Updated: 05/20/2017

We're going on a field trip! 

Where: Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ

When: Monday, May 22nd 

Time: Leave school at 8:15am, return to school at 4:00pm (please note the late arrival time at the end of our field trip day)

Wear: gym uniform

Bring: Lunch in a bag, labeled with your child's name 

Students do not need to bring a backpack or blue folder to school. We will not be going back into the building after the trip - any items brought to school (other than a bagged lunch) will be left in school until Tuesday.

Our chaperones will be:

- Aashirya's mother

- Justin and Asia's mother

- Nathyn's mother

- Sofia's mother

- Evan's mother and father

Looking forward to a fun, fun day!