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Current Events

Updated: 06/15/2017

                                                  Current Event Assignment

Throughout the school year students will complete current event assignments. With your child, you will work together to find an interesting news article (from a newspaper, magazine, online) that is child-friendly and age appropriate.

Answer the following questions. Use complete sentences. Points will be taken off if complete sentences are not used. Students are NOT to type this assignment. Neatness counts toward the final grade. Current event assignments will count as a quiz grade.

You will include:

Title of article ________________________________

Author of article ______________________________

1. Who is this article about? (“This article is about ______”, for example)

2. What is this article about?

3. Where did the event in this article take place?

4. When did the event in this article take place?

5. Did you like this article? Why or why not? (“Yes, I liked this article because _____”, for example, 3 sentences)

Please attach a copy of the article. Points will be taken off if the article is not attached.

Late assignments will be marked down in grade. Students will complete current event assignments throughout the school year - please use this sheet as a reference guide if needed in the future. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.