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Middle School Science

Updated: 07/21/2016

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Our Junior High STEM Engineering Club meets weekly to develop these important skills: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Here students work on a model city in our Science Lab to find solutions to urban runoff. Learning is fun!

Welcome to the page that describes our Middle School Science Program.

This school year, we are implementing a state-of-the-art Interactive Science Program by Pearson Publishing. This is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program which is designed to give students hands-on experience with creating solutions to problems in all of these different disciplines. Students are expected to define problems and identify acceptable solutions. They will be guided to generate and evaluate multiple solutions, build prototypes, and find the optimal solution.

The school has its own Science Lab which is available to all students. The lab includes many, many hands on resources for student exploration, and an interactive SmartBoard to fully engage students in the learning process. In addition, we are looking for ways to incorporate the use of Chromebooks into the program to enhance student learning. 

Our annual Science Fair is going to become a STEM Engineering Fair which will feature projects that groups of students work on as part of the science curriculum to solve real world problems.

The science curriculum used at St. Nicholas School is presently being mapped as part of a special project of the Newark Archdiocese Schools Office. It will be based on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) which are designed to emphasize key knowledge and skills that all students need in order to engage fully as workers, consumers, and citizens in the 21st century.