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Updated: 02/16/2018

Pre-K 2 News—February 16, 2018

In math, the class has continued to think about sorting and graphing.   We have sorted animals, candy hearts and shapes.  The class has worked on thinking about attributes of these objects that are the same or different.  We worked on sorting by type, size, color, pattern and ways animals move.   The class has created simple graphs to compare the amounts of objects they had. We are comparing our sorted quantities using words like more or less, equal or same.   


Through our reading we are also learning about sorting and graphing.  We have used our books this week to think about animals that walk, swim or fly.  We are beginning to think about what animals would need to survive.  The class has come to realize that living things need air, food, shelter and water.  They have realized that they need the same things as their pets. 


In religion we are learning about the church season of Lent.  The class knows this is a time to prepare for Easter and say sorry for mistakes they have made, big or small.  We have talked about 3 ways to show we are sorry: prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  As always, doing kind deeds is another way to prepare and show love for God.  A Lenten countdown calendar went home this week.  Filling in a new step each day and discussing something that was done to prepare for Easter is a great way to practice these concepts at home. 


We had a blast on Valentine’s Day.  We had special centers to create candy graphs, valentine cards, patterned love bugs, and treat bags.   Passing out cards and treats was the highlight of the day.


This week we have thought about the sound of letter M.  Make the sound with your child and ask them to share how their lip, tongue and teeth feel.  

Have a great weekend!

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