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Updated: 11/30/2018

Weekly Newsletter – November 30, 2018

In math, the class has been working to create AB and ABB patterns.  We first created patterns with our bodies, using hands and feet to clap and stomp.  We are now using shapes to explain, extend and build patterns.   We are working to read our patterns from left to right just as we would a book.  Last week everyone made a macaroni necklace in the form of an AB pattern.   To get our classroom ready for Christmas, we are creating patterned paper chains alternating red and green.   We will continue our work with patterns to help decorate our classroom.    


Through our reading we are learning about our 5 senses.   The class has spent time identifying how parts of their bodies are used with their senses.  The Body Book has helped to see how we can use more than one sense at a time.  This week we used our sense of sight to see colors.  We have taken a look at many things of the same color and compared and contrast.  Our book Red is a Dragon has helped in this skill. 


In Religion, we have learned about Advent and preparing for Jesus’ birthday.  We have learned the best way to get ready for Jesus is to practice being kind.  The class is working to fill our classroom manger with hay so it is comfortable for baby Jesus on Christmas.  Each time a student does a kind deed, they can add a piece of hay.   We are finishing up mini manger to take home.  The class is excited to work on kind deeds at home. 


Important dates:

Santa Sale – December 4, 5, 6.  I will be sending home an envelope with your children to fill out and hold your money.  Children who send in money will have the opportunity to shop.  You are not required to send in money if you do not wish your child to shop. 

HALF DAY – Friday December 7.  11:45 dismissal, there will be aftercare.  

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Murphy-HIggins

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