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Updated: 02/07/2019

Pre-K 2 News—February 8, 2019

We have wrapped up our season study and have begun to think about animals.   Through this unit we will hear stories about fictional and non-fictional animals, work to describe similarities and differences in animals and think about the basic necessities of living things.   This week our stories were about cats.  We worked to describe the physical attributes of cats and behavior attributes.  We were able to create our own definition of the word greedy after reading The Greedy Cat


Last week we began our study of sight words.  We have review the words I and ME.  We will be using poems to study these words and will add an additional word each week through the end of the year.   I will be sending home the poems we use bi-weekly to help reinforce this work at home.   


During math this week we have started to think about sorting and comparing groups of objects.  We have looked at markers and shapes.  The class has made some rules for sorting based on how our objects are alike or different.  We first sorted our markers by color, but then took another look.  The class was able to see some markers are thick while others are thin.  In the case of our markers, that also sorted their length.  Our shapes also provide many opportunities to think outside of color and name of shape.  As we continue we will work to chart and graph the objects we sort. 


Our religion studies have brought us to appreciate God’s creation of music.  We have learned that David (from the tale of David and Goliath) love to pray to God using music.  The class has enjoyed praying to God through song. 

Important Dates:     

February 8th – 100th day of School

February 14th – Valentine’s Day Celebration, Red & Pink dress down day

February 15th & 18th – NO SCHOOL 

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Murphy-HIggins

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