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Updated: 03/15/2019

Pre-K 2 News—March 15, 2019


In math, the class has begun to work on thinking about length.  The class has used the words short and long to compare classroom objects.  We have ordered groups of objects from longest to shortest.    In our small group time we have worked to compare 3 crayons, the length of farm animals and our names.   Many students have noticed when we start with the smallest or shortest our objects often look like stairs.   Another observation students are beginning to make is how many letters shorter or longer their names are compared to a friend.    We have used things like popsicle sticks and cubes to measure an objects length.  We are beginning to see if we want to compare we have to use the same unit of measure.  One popsicle stick and one cube are not the same!


Through our reading we have started a new unit and have been exploring building and tools.  The class has used the skills of compare and contrast to think about how many tools are similar or different.  We have worked on retelling the stories we have read by thinking about what has happened in the beginning, middle and end.  The class is seeing that every job needs tools.  Our pencils an crayons are tools for students who have the job of learning and creating.   


In Religion, we have though about God’s creation of the earth.  The class thought about how they enjoy the different features of earth and how we can care for what we have.   We have also been preparing for Lent. Each day we are counting down to Easter on our Lenten map.    The class is working on extra prayers to talk to God about what they are thankful.  

Important Dates:     

March 18th -- St Patrick's day dress down ($1) Shamrock tattoo sale (50¢)

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Murphy-HIggins

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