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Updated: 10/12/2018

Weekly Newsletter -- October 12, 2018

You've seen a daily name trace sent home on Friday's.  Each morning the class practices signing in using their first name.  To begin, the class will be tracing the letters of their name.  As their ability to write grows, we will remove the tracing letters and eventually add in last names.

In math, the class has been looking at 3-D shapes.  The students have taken a look at spheres, cylinders, rectangular prisms and cones.  Our book The Great Shape Hunt has given many examples.  The class used the words flat and curved to describe the sides.  Roll and slide were used to describe how the shapes could be moved.  We have also related the shapes to our lives, thinking about where we have seen them before and where they are located in our classroom.   We took a walk around our street to see if we noticed shapes in our neighborhood and everyone found something.  Look for 3-D shapes while you are out over the weekend. 

During reading time we’ve begun to think about rhyming.  The class has listened to and sung along with Hey Diddle Diddle, Mary Had A Little Lamb & B-I-N-G-O.  We know that fiddle and diddle are rhyming words because we hear the same ending sound.  The class also thought of other words that might rhyme such as siddle, middle, kiddle, riddle.  While we begin to practice rhyming, non-sense words are perfect! They show that the students notice the ending stays the same, but the beginning is what changes.  

Some Reminders:

-Picture day is this coming Wednesday, October 17th.  Students may wear there own clothes.  

-Progress Conferences will be held on Thursday, October 18th.  This is an 11:45 dismissal for students.  There will be aftercare.  

-Please return washed sleep mats on Monday. 


Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Murphy-Higgins

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