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Weekly Newsletter

Updated: 11/17/2017

Weekly Newsletter – November 17, 2017

We have learned about letter T & O and our AlphaFriends Tiggy Tiger and Ozzie Octopus.  We’ve practiced creating the shape with our “air pencil”, tracing and writing it on our own. We have thought about the sound T & O makes and how our mouth feels when making this sound.  Our tongue touches the top of our mouth when making the sound of T.  When making the sound of O, our mouths are wide-open, jaw dropped, tongue on the bottom.

In math, the class has continued to add to our position word vocabulary.  We’ve used first, second, third, fourth and fifth.  We have also thought about how we need to use these with the correct quantity.  We wouldn’t use fourth to talk about a line of three people.  We have even begun to manipulate quantities.  Ask about our “bears at the pond” problems.  Students have been listening to and telling stories to add or subtract quantities of bears swimming at the pond, looking for their lunch. 

During our reading time we have been focused on community helpers.  We have read many books to learn about the jobs that are necessary to keep a community clean, safe and happy.  In these books we have practiced our turn and talk skills to hunt for important details about these jobs.  We have thought about what the helpers do, where they do their jobs, what tools they need and what they wear.  We will even start to discuss what would happen to our communities if these helpers did not exist.  We are going to finish up with our first class book, a collection of which helper each of our friends hopes to be when they grow up. 

We have been reading about Thanksgiving.  We learned about the Pilgrims and Native Americans and how the first Thanksgiving came to be.  We have also read stories that share what families do in modern times in their own homes to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

This week our religion program has focused on churches, sharing their looks and for what they are used.  We have learned that many churches have crosses, bells, stained glass windows, steeples, candles, Bibles, etc.  We even decorated our own crosses and placed them on our classroom door to show our class loves God and his family.  We learned that a church building is a place of quiet prayer where everyone can speak to God in his or her hearts.  We will be wrapping up this week with a visit to church to check it all out before our first mass next week.      

Our trip to Stop & Shop was a blast!  We have learned about the different jobs in a super market and were able to find a delivery person, stock people, produce workers, cashiers and baggers.  Due to the store being so small we did not meet a baker or butcher.  Each student brought with them a card marked with a color and letter. While learning about all the items sold, the class was hunting to find something of their color and letter.  When we got back we shared what we found and even thought about if we would like to work at a market.  Ask your child if they would like to work at Stop and Shop and find out why or why not. 


Important Dates:

November 22nd -  Half Day – No Aftercare

November 23rd to 25th – No School

November 30th – Half Day and Parent Teacher Conferences 


Have a great weekend!

Ms. Murphy

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