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Updated: 01/20/2017

Pre-K 2 News—January 20, 2017

In math, the class has thought about sorting and graphing.  We have sorted animals, shapes and counting bears.  The class has worked on thinking about attributes of these objects that are the same and different.  We worked on sorting by type, size and color.   The class even created simple graphs to compare the amounts of objects they had. 

Through our reading we are learning about animals.  This week we have thought about animals that are pets and what we do for those pets.  We focused on cats and realized cats need water, food and homes.  The class learned that pets also need people to care for them.  We used the story The Greedy Cat think about new vocabulary.  None of our students were sure what greedy meant when we began, but quickly noticed a greedy cats wants MORE, MORE, MORE!

In Religion the class has thought about God’s creation of nature here on earth.  We have identified oceans, rivers, lakes, mountain, hills, etc. as some parts of nature.   The students thought about their favorite parts of nature and how they can show God they care for that gift. 

We have been studying the letter F.  We have thought about its shape in both uppercase and lowercase.  The class has learned the FiFi Fish song and brainstormed some words that begin with F.

We have also added studying sight words to our on going list of skills.  The class has learned the words: I, you, we, yes and no.  We will continue to add more words to our studies each week.  You can include studying these words at home during nightly reading time.  Have your child hunt for these words while reading or make a sight word memory game!