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Weekly Newsletter

Updated: 09/22/2017


Weekly Newsletter -- September 22, 2017

During our reading time we have focused on books that will help us think about our feelings and become great friends and classmates.  Wemberly Worried shared the fears of a young girl starting school.  The class got to think about things at school that made them feel worried.  Just like Wemberly, the class realized there are many fun things at school to look forward to at school.   How Do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad and When Sophie Gets Angry, Really Really Angry helped to start a conversation about our feelings and actions when mad.  We were able to think about things that make us mad and how we can control our actions in school.  We even have the “calm down cushion” for when we need to take a break.  Llama Llama Time to Share helped students to see the perils of grabbing a toy from a friend.  We even got to act out appropriate ways to navigate sharing.  We’ll revisit this subject often this year.  Finally, David Goes to School helped us to sort out good choices and poor choices in school.  We’ve created a poster to reference when in our classroom.  We’re going to use the word “poor” instead of “bad” when thinking about our actions this year.  

During our math time we have continued to work on counting and matching one-to-one.  We have learned some new counting activities this week.  Our marble counting activity allows students to trace a number and build that number in a 10 frame with marbles.  We’ve also worked on a bean counting activity.  Students are using numbered ice cube trays, tweezers and beans to build a number.  We’ve even got magnifying glasses to see the beans more closely.  Perhaps these aren’t the best descriptions, but if you check out our picture section it will be clearer.  In learning these activities, we are beginning to practice our small group time.

We have continued to sing Ticka Tacka Tee this week, changing the hand motions to make it more interesting.  Our new song this week is Willaby Wallaby.  This song again helps for name memory with an interesting twist.  The version we have been using is by Raffi and available on youtube. 

Finally, nap mats will be going home today.  Please wash your child’s mat and return to school on Monday. 

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Murphy

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