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Saint Nicholas Computer Wizards go Bananas Over Coding Contest…

Posted on May 24, 2017

For immediate release:  May 24, 2017

Saint Nicholas Computer Wizards go Bananas Over Coding Contest…code-monkey-contest-winners_170531_09435

Saint Nicholas Catholic School, Jersey City, wins first place in the “Code Monkey-Code Rush” coding contest that was held nationally.  “Code Rush” is a nationwide coding contest held by CodeMonkey Studios, Inc.  Over the month of April, hundreds of teams and over 35 U.S. states participated in the competition. 

The students had to solve a total of 140 programming challenges using CoffeeScript programming language in the shortest possible time.

Nine students of Saint Nicholas School, Jersey City, formed a team and participated in the elementary division.  The team, from grades 3 through 5  met over the weekends and over Easter vacation to compete with extraordinary spirit and perseverance. 

The Saint Nicholas team of students (grades 3-5) won the national prize by besting hundreds of teams from 35 states. They solved all 140 puzzles faster than any other team in the nation! Way to go!

  The team members are:

grade 3:

Shareda Suresh

Grade 4:

Diya Lakshmanan

Grade 5:

Aditya Jain

Grace Bautista

Harita Suresh

Isabella Guerrido

Julia Guerrido

Julian Galindo

Radhika Patel

Congratulations to the National Code Rush Champions 2017! These outstanding students participated in a national competition during April to solve 140 computer programming challenges. 

The contest helps students build the fundamentals of computer science including multi-step problem solving and analytical thinking.  Congratulations to our first place team of Saint Nick coders!