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Updated: 10/17/2017


ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS:  Character Chart worksheet on one character from our READING STREET TEXT:

choose either Turtle or Beaver and write: (discussed in class)

the title of the story in the banner

the character's name you have chosen below the hat


4 things the character did in the story

The character chart is stapled to a worksheet that was done in class on this folktale.  This is the second worksheet.


SPELLING:  study spelling words (15) in your softcover spelling journal for Thursday's spelling test, October 19th.

spelling test: Thursday, October 19.


                       Homework for Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

spelling/phonics: Pages 20 and 21 in the Yellow rhino phonics and spelling practice book:

pages 20 and 21 consonant digraphs using ch,tch,sh,th,wh, and words with ar, or and ore

Math: 3 worksheets:  1. subtraction worksheet

                                 2.  holiday toy shop illustrations

                                 3.  holiday toy shop graphing sheet

using a different colored pencil or crayon, students will create a bar graph showing how many quantities of each toy is listed on the toy shop worksheet.  For example: 5 toy soldiers. (notice the toy soldiers can be found on 2 different shelves.  EACH BAR will represent the number of toys being sold in the store.

NOTE:  Picture day is this Wednesday, October 18th.  Please remember to have your student's form filled out  for Tuesday or Wednesday and return to school.  Thank you.

Reading:  Please have your student read a minimum of 20 minutes a day,using books from school or from home.  Students are allowed to bring home selections from the class library every day as long as they are returned safely.



Homework for weekend due Monday Oct.16th:

Spelling:  please write a complete sentence for each of the 15 spelling words.  Sentences should be written in the spelling journal.

Use capital letters, correct punctuation; periods, question marks or exclamation points to end a sentence.

Science:  on index cards, please neatly write the six animal facts on bats that we learned about on Friday.  The 6 facts are in the science journal softcover.  Write them neatly, one fact on each index card.

Continue reading from your school library book taken from the class library for a minimum of 20 minutes or more.

Homework for Thursday night:  

MATH:    2 math worksheets entitled Chapter 2 test and Chapter 3 test.   DON"T LET THE WORD TEST SCARE is a homework assignment, however, all if not most of the material should be known to them by this week.  This is a summative assessment of some of their skills learned so far.

Reading:  Each child took home a chapter book or easy reader.  Please have student read for a minimum of 20 minutes tonight.

NOTE: we had a bake sale this morning that took approx. 30 minutes out of our morning.  Students will receive their new spelling words on Friday morning.  What we did practice were kindness, patience and taking turns as we picked out our treats, and how to work together as a unit.

Our science book reports were started in class today.  I wrote this on a prior homework assignment date alerting you to a class led science book report.  We are doing the science book reports in school, and our finished project will be sent home by Tuesday, October 17th.  We are starting to do a beginning draft and ending with a finished essay.  

FOR this project and for all following projects, students will be writing a graphic organizer, a draft and a finished copy as we start our 7th week.


Homework for Wednesday night October 12, 2017

Yellow rhinocerus phonics and spelling practise book:

Pages 11, 12 and 17 for Mrs. Whelihan's reading group.  (Consonant blends)

PLEASE NOTE: students in Miss A's reading group: yellow rhino phonics and spelling book: pages 12, 17 and 18

Homework for the 3 day weekend due on October 10th:

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: compare and contrast chart. also known as a VENN DIAGRAM (same and different) 

comparing 2 characters from 2 different stories: IRIS from "IRIS AND WALTER" (READING STREET HARDCOVER TEXTBOOK) and MCDUFF from "MCDUFF GOES TO SCHOOL". What is different about these 2 characters?  What is the same about these 2 characters?

Please refer to your VENN DIAGRAM (same and different) that we did in class. IT WENT HOME TODAY ALONG WITH A NEW VENN DIAGRAM.  (The black expo marker and the green marker venn diagram).   WE did this in class and went over the marker venn diagram point by point.  We wrote our answers in class point by point.

WE verbally discussed "SAME AND DIFFERENT" in class for IRIS and MCDUFF.  FOR HOMEWORK, students are to re-tell the information and write it on their venn diagrams.


Carefully read Chapter two in the hardcover science text book.  This section is about animals and discusses camouflage and other survival techniques.  (FROG BOOK) CLOSE READ the pages at least twice. (CLOSE READ is to carefully read the information several times until a connection to the information begins to happen.)  

In your science journal (soft cover/small book) on a clean page, write the 6 words and definitions from the hard text.  STUDENTS were sent home with this weekend's homework and should be found in the blue plastic communicator folder. THERE IS A LIST OF 6 words to write and define.

PLEASE REMEMBER to date your new page.

SPELLING TEST: 10 words plus 5 bonus words on Tuesday, October 10th.  This was the spelling test from Friday October 6th.  check the list for this week's spelling words.  

Thank you!  Your cooperation with homework is very appreciated!

Homework for Thursday October 5th:

due to a serious personal emergency, there will be no homework for Thursday, October 5th.

The spelling test and the science test will be postponed until next week.

HOMEWORK for Wednesday, October 4:

English Language Arts: ELA:

1. yellow phonic softcover book (RHINO) bottom of page 3 questions 4,5,6,7,8.

2. Story Map for Tara and Tiree: top 2 boxes: characters and setting.( IF STUDENT WOULD LIKE TO WORK ON PROBLEM BOX AND PROBLEM RESOLUTION BOX THEY MAY.)

We went over the story from beginning to end and retold the story orally and in written form.  We discussed in class the characters, setting, problem and problem resolution.  

3. study for spelling test on Friday. 10 words with 5 bonus words.


Homework for Tuesday October 3, 2017  

1. study 10 spelling words for spelling test on Friday October 6th  (5 bonus words)

2. MATH WORKSHEET:  math worksheets are differentiated per strength tonight.  Students either have: 

skip counting by 2's (using 100's chart for help) OR

counting by 6's to 90. find the counting pattern.


Homework for October 2, 2017 Monday:

New spelling words (10) with bonus of 5 words for my spelling masters.  Please finish writing the words 3 times each in your spelling journal.

Write one complete sentence for each of the 10 spelling words.BONUS WORK: please write a complete sentence for the remaining 5 words.

MATH:  in progress in math workbook, pages 21,22,23 and 24. Learning base ten practise. Hundreds, tens, and ones columns.  review greater and less than.  BASE TEN: squares or FLATS=100.

Sticks or RODS =10.  Units or singles =ones.


SCIENCE TEST: FRIDAY OCTOBER 6th, 2017.  4 parts of a plant; 5 elements a plant needs to survive; the job of each plant part; how seeds scatter; 2 types of plants: flowering and non-flowering and: naming an example of a flowering and non-flowering plant.


Homework for Thursday September 28th:

Social Studies:  Are photos of ourselves as babies are proudly up in the classroom!  We are working on traditions and what they mean to families.

Read pages 130 to 134 in your purple social studies soft cover book.

write the definitions of your four vocab words: culture, language, tradition artifact. write definitions from the book. correct spelling.

TRADITION WORKSHEET: fill out in complete sentences 2 separate sentences describing a family tradition.  

Make sure capitals, punctuation and spelling are correct.  Draw an illustration under each sentence. 

homework for friday september 29th..........

ELA: FLOWSHEET worksheet  listing for sequence of events on getting ready in the morning.  First, next, then, last

SEQUENCE OF EVENTS WORKSHEET: order of events for Henry and Mudge, based on each page and illustrations, please list the order of events fro the start of the day to the finish of the day.  WE worked on this in class for the last 2 weeks.  Now the student will do it independently.

Homework for Monday, September 25th, 2017:  2 subjects tonight:

Social Studies:  using your new purple "My World" softcover social studies book, write the 6 vocabulary words on page 85 in your social studies journal.

Research the glossary in the back of the book.  Find the definition of each of the six words in the glossary.  

Write the glossary definition of each of the 6 vocab words from page 85.  The first sentence of each definition is sufficient.

Spelling:  Using your 10 word "noun spelling list"  write a sentence for each of the 10 nouns.(NOTE: these nouns came from our short story "Ari Gets Help".  We went over all the nouns in the short story "Ari Gets Help".  These nouns were discussed and highlighted from our Benchmark test.

10 word spelling test on Wednesday, September 27th. 


 Second graders will be receiving homework every night including weekends.

Please continue to check the homework page for the work.  My students are also doing an awesome job recording their nightly homework in their student planners.  Ask them about the "parking lot" method!  They are very proud of their accomplishments in planning their homework!

For the week beginning Jun 5, 2017

Day Assignments and activities Notes
Monday Math- workbook page 126
Social Studies- complete pages 194-197
Reading- workbook page 144
Tuesday Math- workbook pages 115 and 123
Wednesday no homework
Thursday no homework
Friday no homework