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Updated: 02/23/2018

Homework for weekend: due on Monday Feb. 26th:

1. Science:

1.please read pages 362 to 374 in green frog science textbook.

1b. write the definitions for the 7 vocabulary words from the vocab list on page363.

(write the definitions in your space packet.)

1c. Decorate your space packet cover.

2. Math: complete rest of the pages in your PIZZA PARTY math packet.  We did first 3 pages in class today.  We will review last pages on Monday and Tuesday.

Homework for Thursday February 22, 2018

1. Math: complete the first 3 pages of your math worksheet.  We will go over the 1st 3 pages in class tomorrow.

The rest of the packet will be weekend homework in math, due on Monday, February 26.

2. Spelling test: 15 words from yellow rhineo book page 77.  Please study all 15 words for Friday's test.

3. Religion quiz Friday on the first 5 stations of the cross. Please know, in order, the 1st five stations of the cross.

Homework for Wednesday, February 22, 2018

1. Religion: Please finish your 15 station of the cross art project.

2. 20 minutes of silent sustained reading.

Enjoy the nice weather!


Homework for Tuesday, February 20th:

1. RELIGION: please work on 5 stations of the cross in your 15 box project.

2. Math: old book blue potted frog pages 141, 142, 143 measurement.

3.READING/COMPREHENSION: Reading Street text book:Close read "The sign maker's apprentice"  starting on  page 268.  Please picture walk through the book.  Group read and discussion tomorrow.

Our school Facebook page has a write up on 2nd grade fossil unit! 

Homework for Weekend of February 16th due on February 20th:

3 page ELA/reading worksheet.

Page 1: Verbs and adjectives. Using the story "Horace and Morris" from Reading Street textbook, students will re-read story and find 10 verbs and 10 adjectives from the story.  Write your ten verbs under the verb column and your 10 adjectives under the adjective column.

Page 2 and 3: review on contractions, prefixes, suffixes.

Please check out facebook for our fossils STEM unit info plus pics!

Homework for Thursday, February 15th:

1.  Religion test Friday, February 15th:

study the study guide. Know all 9 steps on the study guide.

2.Grammar/ELA  pre-fix suffix socks.  There are 2 sheets of socks.  Student will use their "PRE-Fix" "suffix" multi page packet to write a prefix or suffix on one sock and match a word that goes with the prefix or suffix on another sock.  Then, both socks will be colored the same color to "match" the socks.

We did this in class today.  They are going to continue matching socks, but at home, they are taking the words from their packets and making a match.

For example:  weirdest  would be weird  +   est. One sock has weird, one sock has est.

Prefixes and suffixes are mandatory for 2nd grade and can be very dry to learn.  So, I am trying more fun projects to still get the material learned.  

homework for Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

!. Reading Street Textbook:  read "Horace and Morris" page238 to 255. Please read carefully and completely.   Take a picture walk through the story.

Answer in complete sentences the "story map" worksheet.  Characters, setting, problem, and how the problem was fixed.

2.  Fresh reads green supercat softcover text. read the story on page 69. answer page 70.  read the story on page 71.  Answer page 72.


Homework for February 12, 2018

ELA/grammar: prefixes unit: prefixes and suffixes are very important for 2nd grade common core ela standards.  We have been lightly covering them through picture books, art and some intro.

We will be covering prefixes and suffixes for the rest of the week, and continue to loop back and REVIEW grammar already covered.

1.   3 page prefix worksheet packet: sorting it out/complete re- and pre-/ break it apart break up the words with un and dis/ build it up: re-write the word using mis.

2. study pages 92, 93 and 94 for religion test on reconciliation.  Test rescheduled to Wednesday, February 14th.


Recap on our facebook press release for our STEM fossil unit:

2nd grade STEM project on Fossils:  February 12, 2018

Second graders had a great time studying an integrated unit focusing on several subjects.  A combination of science, math, english language arts, and project building were all addressed as we did a unit on fossils, natural resources, (fossil fuel), natural preservation and extinction.

Part of the unit was a show and tell on real fossils.  Clara and Adrian Bowser brought in amber with insects preserved inside.

Students were able to simulate the formation of fossils using playdoh and plastic dinosaurs.

The final project was to create their robot with everyday household objects. The robot construction needed an appendage of some type to be able to press a piece of playdoh and plastic dinosaur to a flattened state.

We were inspired to create robots after reading the fiction called “Pearl and Wagner at the Science Fair”, from our Reading Street textbook.

We had a mini classroom fair and everyone demonstrated the ingenious ideas they came up with to press the play doh and plastic “dinosaurs”.  What a great job, everyone!

We had a grand time proudly displaying our “fossil pressing” robots and demonstrating how they worked.

We had a lot of very proud second graders demonstrating their wares!

This  project encourages creativity, ingenuity and problem solving and was be part of their overall fossil grade for STEM.

Homework for Friday, February 9th due Monday, February 12th:

1. Pink spelling packet with  "ow"  "ou"  "oi"  "oy" words

2. spelling test on Monday. 15 words from page 73 yellow rhino book.  These are "oi" and "oy" words:

joy  noise  royal  moist  broil  cowboy  spoil  joint  foil  enjoy  destroy  loyal   employee  corduroy


3.  Math packet pink fractions

4.  Please study pages 92, 93, and 94 for religion test on sacrament of reconciliation to be given Tuesday, Feb. 13th.  A short study guide will be given out for class study on Monday and home study Monday night.



Homework for February 8th

1. write complete sentences for the new 15 vocabulary words, including challenge words.

2. Reading Street text: re-read pages 185 to 201.  "One Dark Night".  Completely answer your "Question It" worksheet on the story.  We went over some of the answers in class. Please answer with COMPLETE SENTENCES.

Homework for Wednesday, February 7th

1.Science:  Reading from our science trxt book, please complete pages 241, 243, 245, 247.  Student will answer in complete sentences the "YELLOW CHECKPOINT SECTION" on the bottom of pages 241, 243, 245, 246.  Answer all questions in each checkpoint on matter, liquids, solids, and gas.

2.Religion: From religion book:  Page 118 Please copy in complete sentences the paragraph on Elizabeth Ann Seton, our first American saint.  Spelling is important!  Please copy the paragraph on the black framed paper in your neatest handwriting.

3.Silent sustained reading for 20 minutes.

A big thank you to my second graders for making me birthday cards with my favorite all time animal: the flamingo!!  They made my day!!

Homework for Tuesday, February 6th:

ELA/reading write out a sequence of events worksheet (#1,2,3 and 4) on the story "Bad Dog, Dodger!"  (Circle worksheet)

Math: from new math book (Marble math book) please finish pages 256 to 260 on separating rectangles and shapes into equal portions.  These pages tie in the concept of arrays, beginning multiplication, and some fractions.

Sorry this went up so late!

Homework for Monday night, February 5th, 2018:

spelling: spelling test on Tuesday, on "ou" and "ow" words. page 71 from yellow rhino book.

Reading: Reading from "Bad Dog, Dodger", find 13 lively action verbs from pages 217-225.  We did 17 lively verbs today in class, so this will bring our total to 30 verbs.  Write the verbs in your spelling journal next to the 17 verbs we did today.

Social Studies test: study social studies words from list on Friday.  The definitions for these words were part of weekend homework.  Our printer/computer print connection was down today, so test is moved to Tuesday. 

Math:  "First" math workbook (blue frog): pages 128 and 129 on fractions.  We have 2 math softcover workbooks: Blue frog and Marbles.

Hello parents!  Here is a quick update for February 5th:

Information on communion (booklets) will  be going home in backpacks on Tuesday, February 6th, to students receiving communion.  They will be packed in
their backpacks Tuesday so please be on the lookout.

 We did a long unit on reconciliation.!

 I am trying to plan a visit to
the church as part of our religion assessment on
reconciliation and communion.  This visit will be during school hours.  I
wanted to do a lesson on the important objects/rooms in the church.

2nd grade did a multi-step unit on a narrative non-fiction from
Reading Street called "Firefighter!"

We constructed a writing packet, including  a factual sequence of
events on a firefighter's day; plus an organized list of attributes a
firefighter needs to do his/her job. We also wrote another friendly
letter (formatted) for firefighters in a specific house. The students
also did an n illustration.  These booklets are attached and strung

My idea is to send them out to a firehouse within blocks from the
school.  I am hoping top arrange a short field trip (within
walking distance) to the fire house.  This is just in the beginning stages of organization.  More information to follow when I have more facts on this excursion.

 The students will be taking their fossil pressing robots home today.    
Mrs. Miglin will be posting on facebook.
This was quite a multi-subject integrated lesson! 
The students were all so excited to bring them in.  Maybe 2nd graders can program them to clean up and wash dishes!

  Weekend, due Monday, February 5th:

1. Math review packet.

2. Social Studies: write the definition of the 6 featured SS words one time each.  Study the meanings for Monday Social Studies test.

I attached a short note to our homework packet.  I like to review subject matter, especially math and ELA.  Students have a multi-page review packet for homework.  It includes mode and median, (very important) subtraction, graphing, word problems, etc.  Multi-digit addition with regrouping and multi-digit subtraction with regrouping are 2 of the most important math skills to know well going into 3rd grade.  Mental addition and subtraction of single digit math are essential.  For example, doubles facts. 6 double is 12, 7 doubled is 14, etc.  Please practice adding and subtracting at home whenever you can.  This packet is to re-fresh some skills in math.

If your child can try to do a good portion of the packet, that would be great!  If they have a small portion not finished, they can accomplish it for Monday night homework.

Thursday Night, February 1

1. Reading/comprehension: fresh reads super cat green comprehension soft cover.  # stories and answer questions.  Pages 63, 64   65, 66   67, 68.

2.   Math:  Fraction stapled booklet.  We are starting fractions.  Students are learning how to "fraction" off one whole, and that fractions are equal parts of one whole.  We just started working with the concept of one whole.  (small bites!)  Whatever they can try to do in the booklet would be appreciated.  If they are stuck, please wait until we go over the material again on Friday.  This will, of course be a multi- day unit, and we are just starting.  Thank you!

3. 20 minutes of silent reading.

HEADS UP!  Social Studies test on Monday, February 5th on pages 128-137.  A short typed study guide will be given on Friday to study for Monday's test.  This chapter is a review.  We did this unit at the beginning of the year, and now are going over it again due to Cultural Heritage Day.


Homework for Wednesday night:  Thank you so much to Adrian and Clara Bowser's family for bringing in a Philippine chocolate rice pudding for everyone to try!  I loved it!

Thanks for all the time and effort to bring in photos and stories of your family history!  We will be examining further tomorrow as we hear about the history of our last names.  We shared all the objects, books, jewelry, etc. today.  Thank you again!

1. ELA READING: Green Super cat reading comprehension softcover: pages 59 and 60  pages 61 and 62.  Read both stories and answer comprehension questions.

2. Social Studies:  read and review unit on culture, heritage and traditions in your "MY WORLD" purple social studies softcover book.

Thursday's events: 

  1. dress alike dress down day.  
  2. mission fair $2.
  3. lower grade dj dance for pre-K to 2nd grade. (I believe 12:45 to 1:30)

Homework for Tuesday night:

1.  MATH: each students has different pages to complete in their math workbooks.  Pages are in their homework planners for each student, OR were written out on folded yellow paper and placed on the correct pages.

2.  Social Studies: Preparing for Cultural Heritage Day on Wednesday:

       a. With family permission, please bring in  photos, (especially grandparents) objects, clothing, books, souvenirs, family recipes. etc. that can showcase your child's culture and background for Wednesday.

         b. Heads Up!!I have asked students to research their last name, and for Wednesday, to have one or two paragraphs on the history of their last names.  This short essay is due on Wednesday.

          c.  Students may, with permission bring in a small sampling of food (tiny tasting) that represents their culture if they would like.  FOOD IS NOT MANDATORY!  Only if parent has time and inclination to do so.  If they say food is mandatory, they are telling a tall tale!

Today's recap! Busy busy busy!!

  1. ELA: Students finished their multi page packet on a narrative non-fiction about "Firefighters".
  2. We did a multi part job description, plus a detailed sequence of events recording a day in the life of a firefighter.  We created cover illustrations and will be sending these packets to our local fire house near the school!
  3. GYM:  45 minutes of relay races!  1st and 2nd grade wore each other out racing in a relay for 45 minutes.  What a workout!  I helped co-coach!!
  4. religion craft with 7th graders.  Beautiful communion banners.
  5. Friendly letters to our Vets! in proper friendly letter format.
  6. started on our 4 part "life cycle of a frog" fold able pamphlet.  illustrated
  7. studied for our academic challenges again!! (Questionnaire packets will be sent home to each student so you can see a sampling of work over the past few months.  These were tough questions!!
  8. Computers: practicing  addition, counting coins, telling time. odd and even numbers, and beginning fractions, plus more.

Wednesday: cultural heritage period; practicing our "IOWA STATE TESTS REAL TIME" plus more!

Homework for Tuesday, January 30th:

1. MATH: Study telling time packet for tomorrow's extensive telling time test.

Students should know top of the hour, quarter after, :30, :45 (quarter to).  students should know :05, :10, :20, :25, :35, :40,: 50, and :55.

2.  Social Studies: Preparing for Cultural Heritage Day on Wednesday:

With family permission, please bring in  photos, (especially grandparents) objects, clothing, books, souvenirs, family recipes. etc. that can showcase your child's culture and background for Wednesday.

Heads Up!!I have asked students to research their last name, and for Wednesday, to have one or two paragraphs on the history of their last names.  This short essay is due on Wednesday.

Students may, with permission bring in a small sampling of food (tiny tasting) that represents their culture if they would like.  FOOD IS NOT MANDATORY!  Only if parent has time and inclination to do so.  If they say food is mandatory, they are telling a tall tale!

3. Reading: 20 minutes of sustained reading. Please record on your reading record sheet. MOST students have received their 10 happy camper stickers for their first 120 minutes read.  IF your child did not get up to 120 minutes by now, then not enough time is being set aside for reading at home. 20 minutes of reading is not a lot of time, and is mandatory most nights of homework for weeknights and weekends!

regular gym clothes for Tuesday gym relay.


This week is Catholic Schools Week!

A quick recap of fun activities today:

Afternoon cinema: "Sing"

Writing friendly letters and decorating envelopes to our veterans.  We used a friendly letter format to write our letters the correct way.

General practice on subject questions for our academic challenge on Tuesday.

For Tuesday:  gym relay races with other grades.

Religion craft project taught by upper classes.

Academic superbowl challenge.  All grades.

For the rest of the week:

Cultural Heritage Day, 8th grade students will teach 2nd grade for 30 minutes.

Step up time.  What is it like in the next grade!

Plus more!

Homework for The weekend, due on Monday, January 29th:


1.  Reading Street Text: "Fire Fighter" pages 159 to 171.  Discussion to follow in class on Monday.

Please have students explain to you what an expository non-fiction is.  We are learning the differences between genres.  Thank you!

2.  Fresh Reads Green Super Cat reading with multiple choice questions textbook:

reading page 45, answer page 46.  reading page 47, answer page 48.

3. MATH: last 3 pages of our telling time multi-page packet.  Please bring the packet back to school.  

4. Science: please finish coloring your "Weather Symbols" chart worked on in science class today.

Please finish attaching your 4 index cards on cold air and warm air to your attached construction paper.

Everyone received 100% on their frog facts part A test today!  Nice work!

Homework for Thursday night January 25th for Friday:

We had a grand time proudly displaying our robots and demonstrating how they pressed fossils.  We had a mini classroom fair and showed our team members the ingenious ideas we came up with to press the playdoh!  What a great job, everyone!  We hd a lot of very proud second graders demonstrating their wares!

1. Science test on 8 frog facts.  Please use your typed 8 fact frog worksheet as your study guide.  I gave out extra copies today for students who lost them.  They were stapled to their "MY Froggy Valentine Heart fact packet that was supposed to have been completed last night.

Please remind students to finish homework and return it the next day for checking.  Thank you!

2. 4 page telling time worksheet.  This has been attached to the telling time worksheets from yesterday's homework.  Please complete the additional 4 pages tonight.

3. Write a complete sentence with capital letters and punctuation for our 15 new spelling words from page 69 of yellow rhino book.  Check all spelling and correct sentence structure.

4. Silent reading for 20 minutes.

Homework for Wednesday night January 24th

1. Social Studies: read MY World Purple softcover text pages 118-121.  this is a review from work we did in class.

2. Social Studies: technology connection: Completely fill out your invention sheet plus drawing of invention on the formal invention worksheet paper.  Students brainstormed, discussed, wrote and drew their first draft notes on Tuesday for this project.

3. Science: Finish your packet for "My Froggy Valentine Science Packet".  This packet consists of 8 facts written on heart shaped cards.  Finish writing out your 8 facts on the hearts.  The cards will be glued to the stapled construction paper packet.

4.  Study the typed 8 facts on frog eggs/tadpoles attached to your packet.  TEST ON FRIDAY:FROG FACTS.

5.  Math: Finish your multi-page math worksheets on telling time.  We re-visited telling time in computers and today in Math.  There should be 2 pages in the packet left to finish.

Thank you everyone, for completely such amazing "fossil pressing" robots!  They are proudly on display in our hallway.  We will test out the pressings on Thursday!



PLease read at least 20 minutes for silent sustained reading.  Thank you!

Homework for Monday night, January 22:       

Multi-subject packet:

1. Math word problems; multi step word problems

2.reading comprehension story and worksheet (state test formatting-fill in the circles)

3. review sheet on homonyms, adjectives, antonyms, synonyms.  please fill out completely.        

20 minutes of silent sustained reading.

SCIENCE:last night to finish your fossil pressing robots!  Due on January 23rd, Tuesday.

  The robots have been arriving and are getting curious looks in our hallway!  (built from household items.)  Due on January 23rd.  Late projects will have points marked off fossil unit.  


Homework for January 19th, due on January 22:

1. Reading  from Reading Street text: "Helen Keller and the Big Storm". pages 129 to 141. Class discussion to follow on Monday.

2. Read 40 minutes from chapter book, library book, or other reading material.  Record on your reading record sheet.  120 minutes equals 10 happy camper stickers!

3. Math worksheets 2 pages: multi step word problems and double or triple digit addition.

4.  Fossil press robots due on Tuesday January 23.  Using household objects only.  The robot construction will have an appendage of some type to be able to press a piece of playdoh to a flattened state.

This  project encourages creativity, ingenuity and problem solving and will be part of their overall fossil grade for STEM.

Have a happy and safe weekend.


Homework for Friday January 19th  tag day Friday. pajama day  $1.  Please remember a can of soup for the homeless shelter.  Thanks to Ben and his family for donating several cans of soup!

!.  spelling test: review a;; 15 words from yellow rhino book.  They are on the spelling word link.

2. read for 20 minutes for silent sustained reading.  Record on the reading record sheet.

3. Fossil press robots due on Tuesday January 23.  Using household objects only.  The robot construction will have an appendage of some type to be able to press a piece of playdoh to a flattened state.

This  project encourages creativity, ingenuity and problem solving and will be part of their overall fossil grade for STEM.


Homework for Thursday January 18th

1. Spelling: one complete sentence for each new spelling word found on page 65 of yellow rhino book.

(spelling words on spelling link)

2. Spelling: finish pages 65, 66 and 67 in the yellow rhino book on new spelling words.

3.  Study parts of a frog from new frog packet. FROG QUIZ THURSDAY, January 18th.

(students took a practice quiz on frog parts today)  Students will have tonight to study again for quiz. 

4. Read for 20 minutes from your NEW school library books or other reading materials.  Record the 20 minutes on your reading record sheet.  Need 120 minutes for happy camper stickers.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Great job on the reading assignments! Almost everyone turned in their reading record and I could tell a lot of research was done on our FROG text!. 

2 ladybug dots for an excellent school day!

 Regarding our sacraments:  (also posted on sacrament page)

Dear Parents:  Update on Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion:

  1. First Holy Communion rehearsal is at 11am on April 21st. This is followed by the reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation at 12 noon.
  2. The date for First Holy Communion is May 5th at 11AM. We meet in the school gym.
  3. The parish contracts with a professional photographer for First Holy Communion. Once that is complete, the fee for First Holy Communion will be communicated to parents.
  4. As a class, we will rehearse for reconciliation during a school day. 
  5. We are finishing our multi page packets on reconciliation. 
  6. There will be a test on the steps of reconciliation next week, plus definitions, for example, penance, act of contrition, etc. 
  7.  We are studying in school and will have homework several nights for further study. 
  8.  There will be the same  test  given again on reconciliation about the end of March.

Homework for Wednesday, January 17th

1. Science/reading:  Please study parts of a FROG found on page 84 of the reading street hardcover text.  Short quiz on the body parts.  Students were asked to be able to name 6 body parts for tomorrow's quiz.

Write the list of body parts in either your spelling or writing journal one time for each part.

2.  Reading/phonics: 2 page review on spelling irregular plural nouns. (mouse/mice).  Complete both pages of the worksheets.

Tomorrow we will start of possessive nouns plural and singular.

3.  Math worksheet:  one math worksheet on 3 digit addition. PLEASE ADD lines to seperate ones, tens, and hundreds. PLEASE ADD the word ones, tens and hundreds, or write the letters, o, t, and h above the correct column.

4. Reading 20 minutes silently.

5.  HOUSEHOLD ROBOT:  Written directions for fossil pressing robot will be sent home tomorrow.  HOUSEHOLD object robot is due on the following Tuesday, January 23rd.


HOMEWORK for January 12-dueJan.16


1. Please read for a total of 40 minutes this weekend.  Record your minutes on your new home reading record.  Record the title of the book as well.  Please have parents sign the record and bring it back on Tuesday.

After reading for 120 minutes over the next few days,  students will win a row of "happy camper" stickers.


Close read pages 70 -85 in reading street text on "Frogs".  Write down what you think are 6 important facts from the "Frog" non-fiction text.

Write the facts in your spelling journal.

Homework for Friday, January 12

1.   please study the 5 types of fossils.  Science test on the 5 types of fossils this Friday.

2. study spelling words pg 61 yellow rhino book spelling test this Friday.  (le words)

3.  Math worksheet from MATH WORKBOOK NUMBER ONE>  (each child was assigned a different page.  I went over every page with each student individually and marked the page with a camping sticker and labelled it as homework on the exact page for them.

4. math test: review double digit addition, subtraction, arrays, writing a "NUMBER WORD", writing in expanded form.

Please ask your child about how we learned antonyms.  The whole classroom floor was our make believe board game.  We had lots of fun!

noon dismissal on Friday.

Homework tonight: for Thursday, January 11th

1.  Spelling : study spelling words page 61 "le" words (spelling test on Friday)

ankle  title  apple  cable  purple  able  bugle  bundle  bubble  giggle  sparkle  tickle  mumble  scramble  twinkle  

2. Science: memorize the 5 types of fossils for Friday's test.

3. Social Studies:  MY WORLD: social studies purple book Read pages 114 to 120  write down the definitions from page 117, 118, and 119 in your social studies journal.

4. 20 minutes silent sustained reading

 for Wednesday January 10th read through your new fossil packet from rug time.  write down the list of 13 dinosaurs in your fossil journal.  Only write down the names.  We will be recording length and sizes of the dinosaurs for tomorrow.

2.Math: one math worksheet on arrays. 

  •  design 2 arrays each for the numbers given on the worksheet.
  • Label the array showing columns and rows.
  • write for each array: ______________________rows times_________________columns =_________________

3. ELA/GRAMMAR/PHONICS:  2 worksheets antonyms, homophones.

I apologize for posting past the usual time!  We had a new baby into our family, several days early, and I was in the hospital visiting until 6:30!  My bad!

I went over the homework in detail as we do every day with the students.

for Tuesday, January 9th

 We are starting our new 2nd grade STEM project involving fossils, paleontology, extinction and more!!

1. Science:   Close read pages 202- 215 on dinosaurs and fossils, Close reading involves reading material closely at least 2 to 3 times over the course of unit study.  Close reading is the opposite of skimming the text.  Please remind students to close read the pages.

Students will then write down 6 scientific facts of their choice from the reading material in the new fossil journal.  Neat writing please.

2.  Students will start thinking(Brainstorming) about inventing a robot/mechanism/invention.  The robot will be inspired from our short story "Pearl and Wagner" from our reading street text.

The robot/invention should be made with household materials only. Please keep the size of the robot to about shoe box size or slightly bigger.  examples of materials are cardboard boxes, old cereal boxes, rubber bands, tape, etc.  BE CREATIVE!

The robot will be a "fossil maker".  More info to follow!)

3. MATH ONE text book (old mathbook) pages 99, 100, 101, 102, 103.  we are learning about triple digits (hundreds column) and will soon be adding triple digit with no regrouping to start.

4.  Silent sustained reading 20 minutes.

 for Thursday January 4th

Please note: we are working on the sacrament of reconciliation this week and next week.  This is the first sacrament before Holy Communion. The students will be receiving the sacrament of reconciliation in the Spring.

We start preparing for Holy Communion next week.  I will post the beginning information on our events page.

1.  Social Studies: design a word web using one natural resource as the main idea, and 4 to 5 products that can be made from the natural resource.   The work should be done in your hot pink social studies journal.  If you could not find your journal, I gave out loose paper.  PLEASE REMEMBER to bring back your classroom journals if home!

2.Spelling: page 61 in our yellow rhino softcover book.  Please write a complete sentence for all 15 spelling words.

3. READING: please continue reading for at least 20 minutes every night.

Happy New Year 2018!

Homework tonight:

1.   ELA/READING:  "Rosa and Blanca" story from Reading Street text.  PAGE 2 pink worksheet on story elements.(PAGE 1 was done in class and is attached.  We read story in class and close read it today while writing out our first worksheet.)

2.   Math: using your white cups, students will build and draw an array for the numbers 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16.  DRAW using dots the array in your Math journal.

NOTE: We have reviewed 5 pages from our homework packet, and will continue to review 5 to 6 pages until Thursday.  Packet will count for one ela test and one math test.  Once reviewed, students will take the packet home for parent signature and returned to school.  This packet will be part of their large packet review as we study for our terra nova tests in the spring.

Thank you!


Happy Holidays!   Students received a packet of ELA and Math, approx. 15 to 19 pages.  All the pages should be simple review.  Since this is their first year taking regional exams, I wanted them to take a few minutes each day if possible to complete a couple of pages.  Everything in the packet will be on the regional tests in the Spring.

Part of the math packet includes double digit addition with regrouping, double digit subtraction with regrouping, and a small amount of adding three double digit numbers.  These are new to second grade and  are multi-step processes, and i think having a few math problems to work on will keep it fresh in their mind.

If for some reason you are travelling for most of the holiday and feel your child cannot get to the packet, please email me.  Even if your student could do part of the packet,  I would appreciate it.  Thank you.


Remind 101 is a free messaging service that allows teachers and parents to communicate through text or email without exchanging phone numbers.

Throughout the school year I send out many Remind 101 announcements and reminders. Information on how to join will be distributed on Back to School Night in September.