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Events of the Week

Updated: 10/03/2017

Monday, September 25th:

What we tried today, September 25th:

ELA: nouns and adjectives to brighten and describe our nouns.

Stretch a sentence using adjectives.  Large rug size banner of whole class stretch a sentence contributions. For example:  I ate a steak.  I ate a juicy, sizzling, hot steak.

reading: Henry and Mudge; Exploration of the Desert.

Computers: 9:40 to 10:30.

Science: we are formulating our science pamphlet on plant life.  We are discussing and organizing higher level questioning on several plant topics including using graphs for our information.

We will have our pamphlets finished this week.

We are cutting into our water depleted potatoes and celery, and examining the effects under magnifying glasses. 

Words to know: water, sunlight, soil, air, space,  root, stem, leaves, flower and a definiton of how these elements are needed for plant life.

Social Studies: an understanding of the Earth's surface and what physical attributes make up the earth.

Guided Reading testing.