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Welcome to Second Grade

Updated: 11/08/2017

Welcome to 2nd grade!

I am so happy to welcome you to our second grade class!  We have a small class this year which will make it great for using:

  1. whole class

  2. team

  3. partner

  4. individual learning concepts.

I have set up the main physical classroom in a U shaped construction.

This way students have easy access to:

  1. The teacher

  2. The smart board

  3. Rug time

  4. Interactive partner work

  5. Turn and talk

  6. Team brainstorming

  7. Quiet, contemplative individual time

I also have several centers where students will go for various subjects including math, science and reading.

We revolve around the classroom often during the day.

We change partners consistently to get new ideas from each other and so we learn to work together.

We have a library area where students can pick from a variety of books at all levels of reading.  


I like to do an integrated subject concept when teaching whenever possible.   We can easily combine two subjects together so that a student is learning in a multi-purpose way.

For example, If we are learning about life cycles of a plant, we will use the scientific method of observation,  prediction, conclusion and data collection.

We can then graph our findings, incorporating math into a science lesson.

Did your students tell you about our hands on experiments with removing essential sources for plant life?

We are in the middle of experiments!!

Our list includes:

Plant life

Animal life

Life science

Food chains

Food webs

Predators and prey


Survival methods

Land, water and air


Observing matter

Movement and sound


Solar system

Reading and  language arts:

Second graders will continue to understand language arts broken into several parts;

  1. Writing

  2. Reading foundations

  3. Reading literature

  4. Reading for information

  5. Spelling

  6. Phonics (language)


Math is all around us, so any family connection you can make with your child will help he or she learn!!

Yes, we have math textbooks and softcover workbooks, and we often use hands on manipulatives to understand how math looks and FEELS.  Playing math games like math bingo, using counting cubes, base ten sets, etc. give second graders a way to manipulate math physically.

We are reviewing many concepts from the latter end of first grade.


We need to have our addition, subtraction, fact families, grouping and other math strategies at our fingertips so that other concepts are easier to learn.

What else do we learn in Math?

Even and odd numbers


Problem solving applications


Solid figures



Money (coins, etc)





Adding three digit numerals...     plus more!

Social Studies

Social Studies includes:

Our United States

Our countries of origin

Global heritages


The states

Landforms on Earth

Natural resources

The economy



How governments works

People from the past

Indigenous Native Americans

The original 13 colonies

Religion and Communion:

For many second graders, this Spring will bring their First Holy Communion.  Information on First Holy Communion will start arriving in the new year.  

In October, I will send home a small packet of specific information on the expectations of knowledge for First Holy Communion.  In January, dates, rehearsals etc. will be sent home and on the teacher website.


2nd graders will continue to understand the beautiful beliefs and traditions of our Catholic Faith.

As human beings, global citizens, team members, and classmates we will work hard at displaying acts of kindness, compassion, empathy and gentle communication with those around us.

In closing, I am looking forward to an exciting fun year of learning with your children!

Please feel free to email me anytime at:

My cell phone is 603-401-7185


Mrs. Carol Whelihan

Practice your math and language arts in IXL. Here's the link:  Math and Language Arts Practice

Our school follows the curriculum defined by the Archdiocese of Newark Schools' Office. During the past two years, the Archdiocese of Newark's Schools Office completed a curriculum mapping project which carefully evaluated and examined both the math and English language arts curriculum from Kindergarten through High School. These projects ensured that students are taught using a smooth and continuously progressing curriculum that challenges all students. Our math and English language arts curriculum meets or exceeds the Common Core Curriculum Standards adopted across the United States.

In addition to the standard curriculum, all students participate in one or more service projects each year, serving a diversity of causes. Seniors, impoverished children, supporting our missionaries, cancer charities, animal charities, and many others.

Taken altogether the total experience delivers on our school mission: To embrace, nurture, and educate all God's children preparing them for lives of service and leadership rooted in the Gospel values of faith, hope, and love.


Learning In Grade 2

Hard at work in second grade!