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Weekly Newsletter

Updated: 12/08/2017

Weekly Newsletter – December 8, 2017

We have learned about letters X & U and our AlphaFriends Mr. X-Ray and Umbie Umbrella.  We’ve practiced creating the shape with our “air pencil”, tracing and writing it on our own. We hunted for these letters in print.  We have thought about the sound X & U makes and how our mouth feels when making this sound.  Our tongue curves up in the back of our mouth when making the sound of X.  We are remembering the sound by pretending our pointer fingers are sizzling.  We cross them quickly; they make a short sizzling sound and bounce off.  Many students have decided the sound is similar to S, but very, very short.   When making the sound of U, our mouths are open and our tongue is down.  We noticed this sound comes all the way from our belly. 

In math, the class has been working to create AB and ABB patterns.  We first created patterns with our bodies, using hands and feet to clap and stomp.  We are now using shape cut outs to explain, extend and build patterns.   We are working to read our patterns from left to right just as we would a book.  You may have seen our candy cane patterns in you child’s folder.  They named their pattern parts and built their candy canes.  To get our classroom ready for Christmas, we created patterned paper chains alternating red and green.   Have you heard your child singing “banana, banana, meatball?”  That is a song about patterns. 


Through our reading we are learning about our 5 senses.   The class has spent time identifying how parts of their bodies are used with their senses.  This week we used our sense of sight to see colors.  We have taken a look at many things of the same color and compared and contrast.  Our book Red is a Dragon has helped in this skill. 


In Religion, we have learned about Advent and preparing for Jesus’ birthday.  We have learned the best way to get ready for Jesus is to practice being kind.  The class is working to fill our class room manger with hay so it is comfortable for baby Jesus on Christmas.  Each time a student does a good deed, they can add a piece of hay.   The class has also learned about the Bible.  They know that the Bible is a book filled with stories of God’s love.   We have started to watch the story of David and Goliath.  This is an example of how God protects those who love Him. 


Important Dates:

-December 12-14 – Scholastic Book Fair – A flyer went home today with some of the selection.  We will be shopping on Wednesday the 13th

-December 12 – Bake Sale – Donations will be accepted that morning.  All items cost $1. 

-December 14 – Junior Stem Fair 9 to 11 – I don’t believe we will last for two hours, the earlier you come the better. 

-December 15th – Red and green dress down day -- $1 to participate

-December 20th – Winter concert 7pm in church.  Please be aware each family will receive 2 tickets due to the church’s capacity.  There will be a 1pm rehearsal that family members without tickets can enjoy.  More information will go home next week.   



Have a great weekend!

Ms. Murphy

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