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Class Parents

Become a class parent, here's how ...

Contact your child's classroom teacher. She will direct you to the link for taking your Protecting God's Children Workshop. Complete a Volunteer Application, and provide the necessary payment for your Verified Volunteers on-line Background Check.

Once the workshop has been completed and you have received your certificate, simply send the certificate in to the classroom teacher. When your Background Check has been completed, you will be notified that you are eligible to serve as a volunteer and class parent.

You may now volunteer for HSA Committees, chaperone class trips, assist in the lunch room or on the playground, and help with class parties.

Welcome to St. Nicholas!

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Kimberly Doktor                   Irene Ruiz

Nicole Faustino                     Natasha Carles

Cherrie Mateo                       Michael DeLos Santos

Nancy Grimshaw                   Jane Singh

Grade 1:

Frank Molina
Mary Vogt
Lori Catello
Kristine Leigh
Eileen Luciano
Mitizi Zabala
Michelle Miskinis
Kathleen J. Lyons
Michael Slezak
Indira Negron

Grade 2:

Jayashri Vemun

Grade 3:

Grade 4:
Kathleen Lyons & Mike Cansino
Franallis Mendoza
Heidi Dunn & Robert Dunn
Jasmine Nieves
Michelle Miskinis

Grade 5:
Elkee Barzola-Adorno
Jeannette Torres Castillo
Gwen Allen
Bernard Flores

Aida Sanchez

Danielle & Jason Avery