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Updated: 12/10/2017

After reading, "The Three Little Pigs," the students were given a project to do.  Create a house for the little pigs that can withstand the huffing and puffing of the Big Bad Wolf.  The children worked in groups of 5.  Each group was given 24 toothpicks, 12 coffee-stirrers, 12 popsicle sticks, Scotch tape, paper, and scissors.  It was fun watching the children work together to figure out how to make the sturdiest house.  Come to our STEM fair on December 14th to see more!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays!

Prayer time...

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Having fun watching Robinhood with the Windy City Players.

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When it is October and you are working on letter turn your stuffed bear into a MUMMY!

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Celebrating Johnny Appleseed was fun!  We made upside-down pots to wear on our heads!  We read a story about Johnny Appleseed, and we tasted four different kinds of apples.  We then made a graph showing which type of apple was our favorite.  Most of us like Golden Delicious apples!

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Having fun as we do Math on the carpet!

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Our beautiful artwork from the first day of school!

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Our first day of Kindergarten!

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