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Weekly Homework Schedule

Updated: 12/12/2017

For the week beginning Dec 4, 2017

Day Assignments and activities Notes
Monday Spelling Write words( 1 to 20) 3 times each on p. 45.
Math Text WB p.44
Tuesday Spelling Write words ( 1 to 10) in a sentence. Words are on p. 45.
Math WB p.45
Wednesday Spelling Write words ( 11 to 20) in a sentence. Words are on p. 45.
Math WB p. 46
Thursday Spelling Write challenge words in a sentence ( 21 to 26) p. 45. Study all words for test on Tuesday.
Math WB p. 47
Grammar Test tomorrow Do review exercises on p. 109 (25 to 30) and study irregular verb charts on p. 96 and 100.

Practice your math facts online using the Math websites: 

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