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Updated: 08/27/2017

White long or short-sleeved oxford uniform shirt
Navy blue slacks and tie
Navy blue sweater vest with logo
Navy blue or white socks

GIRLS: Kindergarten to Grade 8
Blue plaid jumper -- Kindergarten to Grade 3
White long/short-sleeved blouse-Peter Pan/K-3
Navy blue knee socks/tights
Navy blue cardigan sweater with school logo (optional)
Girls' skirts can be no shorter than one inch above the knee.

Navy blue uniform dress slacks -- for girls
White long or short sleeved golf shirt with school logo -- for all (except w/
All shirts are must be worn with sweater vest
Use of cardigan with school logo is optional (over the vest)

Boys (K-8) and girls (4-8) must wear the white golf shirt with logo
from uniform company during the warmer months of school to be
determined by the Principal. Optional: navy blue shorts.

SHOES: Grades Kindergarten to 8
Black rubber-soled dress shoes. No sneakers, sneaker-look-alikes,
boots, clogs, sandals, open-backs. Heels of the shoes can be no
more than one inch.

Dangling earrings, make-up, nail polish, decorative nails, excessive
use of jewelry, decorative buttons/pins, bandanas, sweat bands,
and hats are not part of the uniform and are not permitted. Girls
may wear small pierced earrings, medals, and modest chains.
Boys are not allowed to wear a pierced earring. Their hair must not
be longer than the collar of their shirt.
"Fad" hairstyles are not permitted. Tinted and/or dyed hair is also
not permitted.

When students dress down, it is expected that modesty will be
considered when choosing the outfit. Dresses, skirts, and shorts
may be no shorter than one inch above the knee. Tank tops and
skimpy clothing in general is not allowed. Sandals are frowned
upon for safety reasons.

Grades K-8: navy blue sweat pants with logo and blue T-shirt with
"St. Nicholas" logo.
Seasonal: Nylon shorts with school logo.
Sneakers are required.
Optional: navy blue sweatshirt with logo
Gym clothing will be worn all day long

If a student is out of uniform the parent must send in a note
to the Teacher/Principal explaining the reason. 

Uniforms may be purchased from:
Flynn O’Hara, 2645 Forest Ave., Staten Island, NY 10303

Lobel’s School Uniforms
5819 Bergenline Ave., West New York, NJ