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Updated: 12/10/2017

For the week beginning Dec 11, 2017

Day Assignments and activities Notes
Monday Spelling write List 13 (2x); Reading study Vocabulary Unit 7 test Tuesday/"Passage to Freedom" test Wednesday; Math Workbook p. 253; Social Studies study p. 34-56 test Thursday; Grammar p. 102
Tuesday Spelling write Challenge words (2x) and use each in a sentence; Reading test "Passage to Freedom"; Math Wkbk. p. 254 # 1-11; Grammar p. 106; Social Studies study p. 34-56 test Thursday;
Wednesday Spelling write List 13 (2x); Religion study p. 219-220; Grammar p. 110; Math Wkbk. p. 104; Social Studies Chapter 2 test;
Thursday Spelling study List 13 Test Friday; Math Wkbk. p. 105 (odd #s); Reading study the new story vocabulary;
Friday Reading study the story vocabulary and re-read "The Ch'i-lin Purse"

Grade 6 Math Homework:

Monday Workbook p. 39

Tuesday Workbook p. 272

Wednesday Workbook p. 273

Thursday Workbook p. 40 (even #s)