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Class Photos

Updated: 06/14/2018

Students enjoy a day of hands on science with a visit from Science Explorers!

Science Explorers 0
Science Explorer Monster
Science Explorers 2
Science Explorers 10
Science Explorers 8
Science Explorers 7
Science Explorers 6
Science Explorers 4
Science Explorers 1

Students celebrate Cultural Heritage Day!

Cultural Heritage Day
El Salvador
Cuba Puerto Rico Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
Culture Day Ecuador

Social Studies Fun!

Colonist Pays Taxes

Taxation without Representation!

King And Tax Collectors

King and the Tax Collectors

Bill And The Narrator

How a bill becomes a law!

House Of Rep

House of Representatives takes a vote!

Senate Votes

The Senate votes too!

The Bill Becomes A Law

President signs a bill into law!

Students engage in STEM activities.

Stem Builders At Work

Builders are working hard!

Pasta Car Wheels

The wheels are on!

Pasta Tires
Testing Invention

Test ride!