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Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Updated: 09/17/2017

I am Mrs. Fran Kutiak, and I teach a wonderful group of fourth graders. 

Practice your math and language arts in IXL . Here's the link: IXL - Math and Language Arts

Here are some of the interesting things we are learning in this year:

  • Math - Multiplication, Long Division, Measurement, Fractions, Problem Solving
  • Reading - Good Reader Strategies
  • Science - Life Science, Weather
  • Social Studies - Regions of the U.S., U.S. History, the Constitution
  • Religion - The Ten Commandments, the Sacraments

St. Nicholas School uses a rigorous curriculum that either meets or exceeds the Common Core Curricular Standards. In addition, all students participate in one or more service projects each year, serving a diversity of causes such as seniors, impoverished children, supporting our missionaries, cancer charities, animal charities, and many others.

Taken altogether the total experience delivers on our school mission: To embrace, nurture, and educate all God's children preparing them for lives of service and leadership rooted in the Gospel values of faith, hope, and love.

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Our Rainbow of Kindness Students do random acts of kindness for their classmates.

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Grade 4 students receive a portrait of the first Seeing Eye Dog named Buddy from the Seeing Eye in Morristown.Our class sponsored Pennies for Puppies and Dogs for Dollars during the month of January to raise money for this wonderful organization.