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Updated: 03/20/2017

Please send in flyers from the supermarket. Also send in a roll of paper towels and box of tissues. If you can please send in cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer. Thank you. 

Homework March 20th-24th

Monday:  Practice book page 133 

Write spelling words 2x 

Tuesday: Spelling/ Grammar 102

Math page 113

Wednesday: Practice book page 137

Rainbow spelling

Thursday: Spelling/ Grammar page 104

Read: Mole and the Baby Bird 

Phonics: Diphthong ow/ou/ and Syllables  

Spelling words:1. cloud 2. count 3. found 4. house 5. mouth 6. ouch 7. our 8. out 9. round 10. shout 

High- Frequency words: 11. should 12. loved

Extra High- frequency words: 1. door 2. loved 3. should 4. wood

Amazing Words:1. freedom - able to move around or do things without being held back 2. miserable – very unhappy 3. selfish – think only of yourself and not of others 4. dawn – early morning when it starts getting light 5. scaly – covered with scales or flakes 6. speckled – has small dots or patches that are more than one color 7. fond – like something a lot 8. proper – correct 9. scarcely - hardly

Click on link to get outline of the stories in unit 5

Go to search Susan Kiernan under teachers and play free spelling word games. Story of the week: Tippy-Toe Chick, Go! skills second grade Time U.1-U.12