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Updated: 04/23/2017

All Field trip permission slips and money are due in by Friday April 28th. 

Homework April 24th- 28th

Monday:  Practice book page 163

Write spelling words 2x 

Tuesday:Spelling/ Grammar page 114

Wednesday: Practice book page 166 

Rainbow spelling 

Thursday: Spelling/ Grammar 116 

Read: Alexander Graham Bell 

Spelling Words: 1. crawl 2. draw 3. hawk 4. jaw 5. law 6. lawn 7. paw 8. saw 9. straw 10. yawn

High Frequency Words:11. through 12. science

More High Frequency Words: 1. built 2. early 3. learn 4. science 5. through

Amazing Words: 1. determined – having your mind made up 2. inventor – person who makes something for the first time 3. technology – tools we use to make our lives easier 4. stable – not likely to fall apart 5. stall – stop suddenly 6. biplane – plane that has two sets of wings 7. sketch – a quick drawing 8. speech – a talk

Click on link to get outline of the stories in unit 5

Go to search Susan Kiernan under teachers and play free spelling word games. Story of the week: Alexander Graham Bell skills grade 1  Measurement P..8, P.9