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Update! Update! for APRIL: Buddy Up with A Book! Reading Program for all students!

“Buddy Up With a Book!” Pilot Program

The students at Saint Nicholas School in Jersey City are enjoying a new pilot reading program called “Buddy Up with a Book!”  “Buddy Up with a Book” allows students to increase their reading times with a wide selection of hand-picked stories for guaranteed grade level interest.  Students pick a book of their choice and have the ability to take it home for two weeks and read it during non-school hours.  Students are starting to put down the game controls and instead learn the habit of “reading” after school and on the weekends. 

The future goal of “Buddy Up  With a Book” and Buddy Up with a Buddy” reading program is to organize small reading clubs working on the same book choice, having a specific round table discussion, and then a grade appropriate ELA project for teacher assessments.  Individual or group projects can be utilized.

Right now, “Buddy Up’s” short term goal is to get students to discover that reading a great story can be their favorite part of their fun hobby time. Prizes are awarded for each 500 pages read. We have had many students surpassing their page reading goals of 500, 1,000 and 1500 pages in less than a month!  Discover the JOY of reading!

APRIL UPDATE!!  Originally, seven students joined the Buddy Up with a Book Program during the first week of its inception.  We NOW have over 55 students who are participating in the Buddy Up With a Book Program!  How wonderful!!  Students are putting down the video games and picking up an honest to goodness book!!  We have students who have read over 2,000 pages so far!  Isn't that incredible?  The Buddy Up Program is hoping to show students how wonderful reading a turn paging book can be!  Keep going readers!!