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Welcome to Mrs. Millan's 8th Grade Homeroom

Updated: 10/15/2017

Welcome to our 8th grade homeroom page. My name is Mrs. Ellen Millan and I teach science to students in grades 5-8. In addition, I teach social studies to students in 6th grade.

Our science program follows the Newark Archdiocese science curriculum. We use the Interactive Pearson science program which is infused with STEM principles and techniques to ensure that our students are well-prepared for challenging science curriculum in high school and beyond. Students will develop STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills through a variety of curriculum-based projects and activities. Last year's Science Fair produced bronze and silver medalists at the Jersey Journal's 58th Annual Hudson County STEM Showcase.

This year we are continuing with our new science program. Pearson's Interactive Science Program which is cloud-based, will be accessible to all students through our Chrome book program. With this implementation, it is assured that each student will be actively engaged in the learning process to broaden, sharpen, and enhance their understanding and appreciation of science. We are looking forward to this year's school-wide STEM Engineering Fair which will be student-team based and challenging!

We have access to a science lab which is equipped with an interactive SmartBoard for Internet access via our school wifi. There are two 30-station technology labs for infusion into our curriculum, as well as an iPad cart and our new chrome books.

All students participate in one or more service projects each year, serving a diversity of causes. Seniors, impoverished children, supporting our missionaries, cancer charities, animal charities, 

Taken altogether the total experience delivers on our school mission: To embrace, nurture, and educate all God's children preparing them for lives of service and leadership rooted in the Gospel values of faith, hope, and love.

Click on the Science tab to see our kids in action and to learn about the projects of our STEM Engineering Club.